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   Largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia-world record set by Jean Guy Laquerre
  BOUCHERVILLE, Canada -- Retired geography teacher Jean-Guy Laquerre, 73, owns more than 20,000 Santa Claus illustrations and figurines-setting the world record for the Largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia.
   Photo: Father Christmases peer out from behind curtains, from table tops, window ledges, cupboards and every other available surface at his home in Boucherville, Canada. "I just can't get enough Santas," says Jean-Guy, who has carved several wooden likenesses of Santas himself./Polaris
  (enlarge photo)   

 Jean-Guy - a dead ringer for Dad's Army star Arthur Lowe - says: "Every year the basement of my home becomes a Santa Claus kingdom.

   "I started with just a few objects in 1988 but now it takes me two weeks to put them all out on display for Christmas.

   Jean-Guy started collecting when he discovered a papier mache Santa in the home of an aunt who had died. "That beautiful piece is my favourite to this day," he says.

   "It's time well spent as I love everything about Christmas and everything that Santa stands for."

   Outside Jean-Guy's twostorey house his inflatable Santa attracts a lot of attention. Cars hoot as they come past," he says. "People can come into my home to see all the figurines on display."

 But he still admits that his greatest treasure is his wife of 45 years. "Lise is not a collector - she just collects the bills for all my Santas," he admits. But he's very popular with his grandchildren, Alexandre, 16, and Audrey, nine. "They love it and bring their friends around to see me."

   Jean-Guy Laquerre: "Father Christmas offers many dreams. Without dreams a child will become an adult without goals and hope."
   "I truly believe that the world would be a better place if we made more time for the magic of Christmas."

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Sunday, December 21, 2008 

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