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  Tuesday, October 6, 2009

  Most surfers on a single wave-world record set by Cape Town surfers
  CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- 103 surfers managed to ride a wave together for at least five seconds at the Earthwave beach festival-setting the world record for the  Most surfers on a single wave.

   Photo: The record attempt was blessed with ideal conditions of sunshine, light breeze and moderate waves, as 443 surfers joined forces to make the record. Photo by Esa Alexander / Times Live (enlarge photo)

   Earthwave festival is described as “a global environmental initiative” intended to promote climate change awareness and sustainable lifestyle choices.

   Paul Botha of Kahuna Promotions, the founders of the event, told “We estimated that there were more than 120 surfers on the fifth of the seven waves surfed at Muizenberg during Earthwave."
   “However, the photographic evidence we have so far shows that there were 103 on the same wave, which is enough to overtake the record."

 The previous record for the Most surfers on a single wave was set at a previous Earthwave festival, in Santos in Brazil.

   In ideal sunshine conditions, a light offshore breeze and small 0.5 to one metre waves, a total of 443 surfers of all ages and abilities registered to try and bring the record back to Cape Town after Brazil had exceeded the 73 on one wave set at Muizenberg in 2006.

   Five times the number in the water lined the beachfront cheering every attempt and urging their champions on as they rode the waves for five seconds before being counted, taking part in a host of fun-filled activities and fund-raising initiatives.

   Earthwave is sanctioned by Surfing South Africa (SSA), the national controlling body for the sport and endorsed by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and Surfrider Foundation whose Argentina Chapter will be running the Earthwave event in that country.
   Festivals have been held in Australia, Reunion Island, England, Brazil, Argentina and Tahiti, as well as South Africa. 
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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