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  Saturday, September 12, 2009

  Most hammered dulcimers on stage-ODPC Funfest sets world record
 EVART, MI, USA--During the 2009 Musical Funfest (also known as ODPC Funfest), 197 Dulcimer musicians played one time-setting the world record for the Most hammered dulcimers on stage
   The workshops are great and the stage shows are the best, but it's the jammin' at a caliber that can't be described that makes this event truly one-of-a-kind. Photo: Pete Lascell (enlarge photo)

 There's a tradition of assembling all hammered dulcimer players on stage for a pre-show event. The 2009 pre-show was led by Pennye Scheiber.   

Hon. Eric Schmidt, the Mayor of Evart:" The first of the festival campers arrive about June 1st (more than a month before the official start.) This year (2009) they had 564 campers. Most of them spent at least a full week on the grounds."

   Photo and video Galleries from ODPC Funfest, click here

   The highest number of campers was 748 camping units in 2001.

   Tom Cruikshank from "Cruikshank Sportswear" witnnesed the 2009 Evart Funfest (ODPC Funfest) preshow "when the final count on and around stage came to 197. It was an awesome site!"

 World record organizer Penny Scheiber says:" We will attempt next year to beat this number!". 

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  Saturday, September 12, 2009

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