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  Wednesday, August 5, 2009

  Largest golf tee-Bay College CAD team sets world record

  ESACANABA Country Club, MI, USA -- The golf tee created by the Computer Aided Design Team at Bay College (Team Leader Gary Moore Joe Whitens and Kevin Howard) , has 26-feet and 7 3/4-inches in height, featuring a shaft measuring out at 43 1/2 inches and a head which measured 35-inches across, weighing in at almost a ton-and setting the new world record for the Largest golf tee.

   "The Largest golf tee we constructed needed to be made of the same material as (an average) tee," said Team Leader Gary Moore. "To meet the criteria, a regulation tee is manufactured from pine, so we used pine wood in our rendition."

    The Largest golf tee also needed to be 80 times larger in scale than an average tee, along with a reasonable standard of workmanship having been demonstrated in the construction of the gigantic golf tee.

   The 26-foot golf tee is a central beam surrounded by hundreds of pine rings to create the outer shape of the base of the tee, explained Moore. "The beam will add strength to the tee and also makes it easier to build," said Moore.

   To meet the requirement as "The World's Largest Golf Tee," measurements needed to be observed and recorded by four impartial judges.

   Serving as judges to record the measurements called out by Dr. Ed Ogle, were John Anthony of Andex, Escanaba County Club Golf Pro Jon Lancour, Vickie Micheau of the Delta County Commerce Center and Kim Carnes Executive Director of Instructional Administration at Bay College.

   "The overall project took us six months to complete from the design phase to seeing the project complete," said Moore.

    After researching the concept, the team contacted the Guinness Book of World Records and discovered the largest golf tee on record was in Poland, measuring 11 feet, 5 inches.

Working with Team Leader Gary Moore on the project was Jake Seymour of Escanaba, Joe Whitens of Hermansville and Kevin Howard of Iron Mountain.

   Assistance for the four-man team in their endeavor to create the world's largest golf tee, came from VanAire in Gladstone who used a laser to cut the components of the tee.
    After each component was cut, glue was used to hold the sections together. Once the glue was dry, came the next step, painting and weatherproofing their project.
    The team also constructed a trailer used to transport the Largest golf tee to the Escanaba County Club for its grand unveiling.

   Now, the CAD Team would like to make the tee pay off, too. They are looking to sell the giant tee. They're asking for $4,000; $3,000 of that will be going to charity.
    By the way, while they sent out inquires to potential buyers, they said that anyone who would like to buy it may call them at (906) 786-5802, extension 1144. Ask for Team Leader Gary Moore.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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