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  Thursday, November 12, 2009

  Most People Crammed into an Old-Style WV Beetle-Bug Jam sets world record

  DADE CITY, Fla., USA--During the Pasco Bug Jam, an event for Volkswagen die-hards, 17 people crammed into a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle-setting the new world record for the Most People Crammed into an Old-Style WV Beetle.
   Photo:Ian Sitko, left, and Bob Chew exit a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle in Pasco County after setting the new world record for the Most People Crammed into an Old-Style WV Beetle. Photo by Atoyia Deans/ St. Petersburg Times (enlarge photo)

   "I once fit 15 horses in a 10-horse trailer," said Michelle Chandler, 20, event organizer, analyzing her diagram on Sunday. "I knew I can do this."

   Event volunteer Tracy Thompson led the team out, carving a path through the thick crowd, the emcee announcing like they were headed to a boxing ring.

   Basic rules: Those inside had to be at least 5 feet tall and 18 years old. Seats in place, doors closed, windows rolled up for at least five seconds. For this feat, short people ruled.

    The car was on loan from Classic Camber in Pinellas Park: a white 1971 Beetle with nubby black and white cloth interior, one functioning seat belt, a chipped steering wheel, retailing for $2,500. It could comfortably fit four, maybe five. 

   “We’re very excited to have been accepted by the Book of World Records while entertaining VW lovers,” said Carol Jeffares Hedman, coordinator of the non-profit Pasco Bug Jam.

    The Pasco Bug Jam, hosted by the non-profit Pasco County Fair Association Inc., is the largest Volkswagen show in the Southeast and the second largest in the country, Hedman said.
    Participants come from throughout the country, and even foreign countries, to enter the show that last year had more than 500 VWs entered.

    Photo Gallery: 2009 Pasco Bug Jam

    The Bug Jam also includes hundreds of new and used VW parts vendors, children’s games, food, contests and entertainment.
    All proceeds from the Bug Jam benefit the hospital and other non-profit organizations. Since its inception 21 years ago, the Bug Jam has donated nearly $150,000 to All Children’s Hospital.     

   The previous Guinness world record for the Most People Crammed into an Old-Style WV Beetle was set in 2008 in Brazil with 15.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

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