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    Monday, January 3, 2011

  Most rounds of golf played in a year: Richard Lewis sets world record

 LAS COLINAS, TX, USA--Dallas amateur golfer Richard Lewis, 64, a member of the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas, has completed 600 rounds of golf
in 2010 - setting the new world record for the Most rounds of golf played in a year.

  Photo: Richard Lewis has completed a record 600 rounds of golf in 2010. Photo: Avid Golfer Magazine (enlarge photo)

  The DeSoto, Dallas native has played as many as 54 holes in a day in 2010, but made do with a regulation 18 to extend his world record for the number of rounds played in a year by an amateur.

  "I would say," Four Seasons Club Manager Rob Cowan said, "nobody in the 27-year history of the Four Seasons has gotten more out of his membership than Richard."

  "I thought 400 was tough and 500 was a stretch, but 600 was what I had in mind all the time," he told the PGA Tour website after shooting an 86.

  "It's a huge relief and sense of accomplishment. I can't remember the last time I did only 18 in a day."

  The previous Guinness world record of 586 rounds in a year was set in Ohio in 1998.

 The Guinness World record for the Most golf holes played by an individual in 24 hours (cart) was set by Robb James (Canada), who played 851 holes at Victoria Golf Course (9-hole course, 3,002 yd), at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most holes of miniature golf played by an inidividual in 24 hours: 4,729, set by David Pfefferle (United States) at Westerville Golf Center, Westerville, Ohio, United States.

  "It was 100% effort," Lewis said. "My girlfriend (Debbie Shaw) has been so supportive. She did extra chores around the house that I normally do. By the time I got home some days I'd just eat and go to sleep.
  "There were no vacations, Christmas got delayed, Thanksgiving got delayed. My feet never hurt, my hands never hurt, my back never hurt. All that walking didn't hurt me. When you are walking, you don't even think about it. You are chasing a little white ball."

  Four Seasons' members paid for the privilege of accompanying Lewis for his landmark round, with the $8,800 raised benefiting the First Tee of Dallas program -- a charity that helps young people through golf-related initiatives.

  At an estimated 6.2 miles per round, Lewis has walked more than 3,700 miles chasing that little white ball — or, he estimated, 7 million steps. Although he never was injured, he's lost 33 pounds since the first round.

   During his chase, he averaged 78.48 strokes per round on the two courses he played — the TPC and the private Cottonwood Valley at the resort.

  Lewis next wants to be recognized for playing 11,000 holes in a year, walking the same course 611 times in a year and playing 285 days consecutively to close out 2010.

  Lewis, the former president of an insurance company, set his sights on the record after retiring in 2009, and claims to have lost 35 pounds and dropped four trouser sizes in making it a reality.

   His girlfriend Debbie Shaw has played some of 600 rounds alongside him, and spent others riding a cart as a spectator and acting as a photographer to document his achievement.

  "One thing, he's certainly found out what persistence is," she said.

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   Monday, January 3, 2011

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