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   Fastest Bartender-world record set by Chris Raph

 MINNEAPOLIS, Minn, USA -- Chris Raph, 31, the bar manager at The Shout House Dueling Pianos bar, poured 662 cocktails in one hour-setting the world record for the Fastest Bartender.
    Chris Raph managed to pour nearly double that amount by pouring 662 drinks. That's an average of 10 cocktails per minute.
  Photo by Kevin Masterman, courtesy of Shout House (enlarge photo)
   Raph is a veteran of many speed bartending competitions.
  Each cocktail recipe required at least three ingredients, one of which had to be non-alcoholic and one of which had to contain alcohol.

The previous world record for the Fastest Bartender was 389 drinks in an hour, set in Munich, Germany.

  So who got to taste all those cocktails? Only a few people. Most were dumped out so the glasses could be washed and promptly re-used.

  Of all 662 cocktails, only two were actually consumed by patrons: The record-setting numbers 390 and 662 were auctioned off to some very high bar tabs.

   The Shout House auctioned off the record-breaking 390th drink for $225, with the proceeds going to charity.
 "It was a high-energy night at The Shout House. When Chris broke the record, the crowd went crazy," said Shout House owner Joe Woods, in a prepared statement. "We're really proud of Chris; he's an absolutely amazing bartender."

  The event raised $1,435 for the local charity Finnegans Community Fund, which donates money to groups fighting poverty.
   Monday, May 4, 2009 

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