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  Monday, June 29, 2009
  Fastest transcontinental flight in a LSA-world record set by Matt Hansen and Jessica Scharle
EL CAJON,CA,USA--Pilots Matt Hansen, 23, and Jessica Scharle, 24, successfully completed a transcontinental flight in a Light Sport Airplane (LSA) from Jacksonville, FL to El Cajon, CA within a single day-setting the world record for the fastest transcontinental flight in a Light Sport Airplane (LSA).

   Photo: Matt Hansen and Jessica Scharle stand next to a special light sports aircraft after completing an 1,813-mile flight from Jacksonville to San Diego. / Photo provided by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (enlarge photo)
   The pair departed Cecil Field Monday morning at 0601 EDT, made five stops along the way, and touched down at Gillespie Field near San Diego at 2222 PDT for an elapsed time of 19 hours and 21 minutes, including time for fuel stops. Total flying time was over 17 hours.

   Hansen said they took turns piloting and navigating until the sun went down with about two hours of flying time left. He then finished at the controls of the plane his grandmother named the Peregrine.

   Scharle said she made the trip for the experience and to help get the word out about Able Flight. Hansen, a recent college graduate who is hoping for a career as commercial pilot, said he loved the logistical challenge of planning and executing the trip.

   The purpose of the fastest transcontinental flight in a Light Sport Airplane was to demonstrate that an LSA is a viable mode of transportation for long distance flying, and to draw attention to Able Flight's nonprofit flight training scholarship program for people with physical disabilities.

   Such aircraft can't weigh more than 1,320 pounds or fly faster than 120 knots at sea level under normal conditions.

   Matt Hansen is a 23 year-old Commercial pilot and flight instructor who has been very active in training people with disabilities to become Sport Pilots.

   Twenty four year-old Jessica Scharle is an Able Flight Scholarship recipient, and one of Hansen's former students who earned her Sport Pilot certificate in 2008.
   Jessica was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a condition that essentially fused all of her joints together, and has overcome obstacles throughout her life and has taken on challenges, such as flying, that many would not attempt.

   The first female Able Flight Scholarship recipient to earn her pilot certificate, Jessica shared equally in the piloting of the aircraft on this historic trip.

   They are hopeful that their record will encourage the NAA to create a category for Special Light Sport Aircraft (factory built).

   Their Peregrine FA-04 is a factory-built Special-Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) and carries just under thirty gallons of fuel.

   The aircraft used for the flight is equipped for nighttime operations, and can be flown at night by a private or commercial pilot. That allowed Hansen to complete the last segment after dark.

    The crew alternated flying duties along their 1813.5 nautical mile route from Florida to California. The route was designed to avoid all restricted airspace and any area that would require flight above 10,000 ft msl for obstacle clearance.

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   Monday, June 29, 2009

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