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  Monday, December 14, 2009

  Fastest street-legal SUV-Brabus GLK V12 sets world record
  NARDO, Italy--Famed Mercedes tuner, Brabus, has produced the Brabus GLK V12, (a heavily modified Mercedes GLK), powered by a twelve-cylinder twin turbo engine with 750hp (740bhp) / 552kW, with a top speed of 322.3 km/h (200.3 mph)-which sets the new world record for the Fastest street-legal SUV.

   Photo: The the Fastest street-legal SUV, powered by a twelve-cylinder twin turbo engine with 750 hp (740 bhp) / 552 kW, celebrates its world debut at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW.
   (enlarge photo)

   The top speed was measured at the Nardo high-speed test track on October 19th, 2009, where the GLK V12 managed to record a top speed of 322.3 km/h (200.3 mph).   

 Propulsion is supplied by a heavily tuned, Mercedes sourced, twin-turbo V12 bored to 6.3L. The engine, usually found in a Mercedes SL, produces 750 horsepower and an Earth moving 995 lb-ft of torque.
   All that torque has been limited to just 811 lb-ft to save the drivetrain borrowed from a Maybach. Transmission is a Maybach sourced 5 speed automatic.

   The re-engineerd engine got an increase of displacement from 5.5 to 6.3 litres by implementing a special crankshaft, larger cylinder bore, special pistons and piston rods.
   In addition the engineers from Brabus outfitted the engine with special camshafts and the three-valve heads were precision-machined.
    Aerodynamic treatments help maintain high speed stability at 200.3 mph, the official recorded speed.

  But it is not just the incredible top speed of 322.3 km/h (211 mph) that are the basis for its fascination. With an acceleration time from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) of just 4.2 seconds and 12.8 seconds to 200 km/h (124 mph) the five-door sets new standards for its kind.

   The interior of the the Fastest street-legal SUV was refined with a fully leather interior that can be further refined with Alcantara elements.
   The interior appointments are rounded out with an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel, a speedometer with 330km/h (205mph) scale and stainless-steel scuff plates with illuminated Brabus Widestar logo.

   Other interior highlights are wood trim sets or carbon-fiber trim panels for dashboard, doors and center console in any color.    Custom-tailored consoles for the backs of the the Fastest street-legal SUV front seats contain multimedia devices, such as an integrated seven-inch LCD screen and a DVD player.

   The front apron of the BRABUS WIDESTAR version was developed in the wind tunnel. Its large air dams provide radiators and front brakes with ample cooling air. In combination with a carbon-fiber spoiler lip the front apron also minimizes aerodynamic lift on the front axle a prerequisite for directional stability beyond 300 km/h (186 mph).

    Brabus had to do so much work that the GLK V-12 cannot be registered as a Mercedes-Benz in Germany. It must be registered as a Brabus.

    The Brabus GLK V12 starts at $580,000 (397,000 Euros).

    The previous Guinness world record for Fastest street-legal SUV was set by a Porsche Cayenne Turbo built by Techart that was just 0.7 mph slower.  
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Monday, December 14, 2009

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