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  Wednesday, July 15, 2009

  Longest Backwards Limbo Skating Under Vehicles-Abhishek Navale sets world record

 SADALGA, Belgaum, India -- Abhishek S. Navale, 7, glided under ten multi-utility vehicles (Tata Sumo Jeeps) in the presence of a large gathering on Darga Chowk premises in Sadalga town of Chikkodi taluk-setting the world record for the Longest Backwards Limbo Skating Under Vehicles.
Abhishek, who is in the second standard at A.V. H. English Medium School, is a member of the Belgaum Roller Skating Academy. (enlarge photo)

  According to his coach Suryakant Hindalgekar, Abhishek has strong willpower and can accomplish feats which many people consider impossible.

   Abhishek S. Navale has been awarded the “Bal Pratibha Puraskar 2008”. He has also participated in several skating rallies aimed at spreading awareness on issues ranging form AIDS to blood donation.

His parents, Sanjay and Sujata Nalvale, said that Abhishek was dedicated to his studies and skating and worked hard to achieve his goals. His father, Sanjay Navale, works as a bus conductor with the North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation. 
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009   

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