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  Tuesday, June 16, 2009

  Largest Bride Parade-world record set in Bucharest

  BUCHAREST, Romania -- Around 100 brides sporting full bridal regalia took part in a parade in Bucharest, to promote the institution of marriage in Romanian society-setting a new world record category for the Largest Bride Parade.

   Photo: BucharestWomen in wedding gowns pose in front of the Parliament Palace, the largest administrative building in the world, during the "Bride Parade" in Bucharest./ Reuters (enlarge photo)

   Organizers of the "Bride Parade" said they intend to promote marriage as a way of maintaining traditional family values in this Orthodox country.

   The atmosphere was celebratory as dozens of women dressed in various white dresses, veils and tiaras marched to the sounds of trumpeters playing wedding songs.   
   Photo: More than 100 Romanian brides participated in Bucharest's Bride Parade - a glamourous celebration of marriage and romance. The event gathered future and former brides under the slogan of, "Be a bride for one more day". / Reuters photos
   (enlarge photo)

   One woman called the event "unique" and one that "emphasizes the importance of the family in our society".

   Similar events also take place in Russia.

  Apparently the traditional marriage stance is not only valued among blushing brides and beauty queens.

   Later this month, Romania's Parliament is set to vote on a law that would specify marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and refuse to recognize same-sex marriages or civil partnerships from other countries.

  The Associated Press report, “Romania drafts legislation to outlaw gay marriage”, quotes Daniel Buda, a deputy for the ruling Democratic Liberal Party: "The law was needed because Romania is a Christian country with "Christian morals." Some 85 percent of Romanians belong to the influential Orthodox Church."


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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009   

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