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 Most people kissing at one time-world record set by Mexico City
 MEXICO CITY, Mexico--40,000 people have gathered in Mexico City's huge central plaza to pucker up for peace and locked lips on Valentine's Day -setting the world record for the Most people kissing at one time.

   Photo: Couples kiss in Mexico City.Thousands gathered in Mexico City's central plaza to pucker up for peace and break the world record for the largest number of people kissing at one time. (AP Photo/Claudio Cruz) -enlarge photo

"We did it! Long live Mexico," said singer Susana Zavaleta, who serenaded the crowd with the classic Mexican ballad "Besame Mucho," or "Kiss Me a Lot".

  The giant Zocalo was half-filled as mostly young couples embraced and held one another in a lip lock for 10 seconds.

The previous world record of simultaneous kisses was previously held by Britain with 32,648 people. The seaside resort town 225km west of London held the Guinness World Record for the largest group kiss since July, 2007 when more than 32,000 people kissed for 20 seconds.

  Tourists chiefs organised the kiss-off in Mexico City's Zocalo main square in protest at the soaring drug violence in the country, which claimed more than 6,000 lives last year.

   Organisers said it also aimed to send a message to a local mayor who tried to ban kissing in the public square.

 As people awaited for the appointed moment on Saturday, city workers in cupid wings offered hugs, teenage boys carried signs volunteering their kissing services and couples practised openly in a country that surprises many with its pervasive public displays of affection.

The kiss "sends a message to the whole world about Mexico's respect for al kinds of freedoms," said local tourist official Alejandro Rojas Diaz.


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   Sunday, February 15, 2009

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