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  Largest Gathering of Centenarians-world record set at Monroe fair
 MONROE, WA, USA -- To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, organizers invited 24 people over 100 years old from local retirement centers, setting the world record for the Largest Gathering of Centenarians .    
  Organizers originally had 32 people from local retirement centers scheduled to arrive at the fairgrounds, but two centenarians passed away before just days before. Another took a fall and others were just busy. Photo: Martin Borve (enlarge photo)

   About an hour into the gathering, only 22 had shown up. "We had lunch, stalled a little bit, did interviews with everybody, and then stalled a little bit," said Grant.

   Finally, "number 23 showed up to great applause and then about two minutes later, number 24 showed up," said Grant.

   Guests were treated to lunch by the Senior Services of Snohomish county; sponsored by AM 880 KIXI radio, Merrill Gardens of Monroe. The Evergreen State fair Advisory Board greeted the arriving people and were honored to be in the presence of over 2,400 years of combined history.

   And after the World Record for the Largest Gathering of Centenarians was set, "the group kind of dispersed and went over to the courtyard stage to watch Stan Boreson," said Grant.

  "The last [record] was set in 2006 in England at a tea party," said Elizabeth Grant spokesperson with the Evergreen State Fair. The old record was 23 people.

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   Sunday, December 28, 2008

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