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   Largest Gathering of Muhammads-world record set in Libya

  ZAWIA, Libya
-- 20,000 Muhammads from across Libya and beyond turned up to set the new world record for the  Largest Gathering of Muhammads.

   Ammar Mohamed, Zawia City Senior official and event organizer:
"We only invited residents of this city, but were surprised when people came from all over Libya and beyond.
   Muslims named Mohammed came here to announce to the world that their name is sacred and that it means a lot to us."

  Muhammad/Mohammed (which means "praiseworthy" in Arabic) is the most common Muslim name and probably one of the most popular men's name in the world.

  Muslims choose this name mainly out of reverence for the Prophet, while some are thinking of a beloved family member or a famous Muhammad, such as Ali (the Egyptian Khedive) or Jinnah (Pakistan's founder).

  Libya has previously set the World Record for the highest temperature in the world 58 degrees Celsius (136 Fahrenheit) in 1922 -- and the world's tallest basketball player, Suleiman Ali Nashnush at 245 cm (8.04 feet).

   The previous world record for the largest gathering of people named Mohammed was 1096 people and was organised in Dubai during the 2005 Dubai Shopping Festival.

   Prior to Dubai, the previous record for a same-name gathering was created by 375 Marias in Spain in 2003.

  Largest Gathering of Elizabeths-world record set in Elizabeth

  Saturday, August 2, 2008

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