H A L L   O F    F A M E  2018
The Official 2018 Inductees.
   MIAMI, FL, USA -- Congratulations to our newest Inductees and to the WRA's Editors and Consultants who've supported their inclusion into the Hall of Fame.

    Giancarlo Ferrari (Longest Pop Song-Apparente Libertà)

   Jax Frey (
Most Original Acrylic Paintings on Canvas)

   South Pasadena Children's Orchestra (Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hall)

   Ricardo Bellino (Fastest deal)

   SUSAN BOYLE  (Most Successful Musical Debut)

   JACK HILL (Most Successful Young Dj)

   BRANDON BAILEY JOHNSON (Youngest professional music producer)

   CLEOPATRA STRATAN (Youngest Successful Singer)

   Chef Jet Tila (Longest California roll)  

   Vernaillen Daan (Longest French Fries cooking marathon)

    Michael Ptacek (Longest Budweiser Beer Brat)

    Bobby Handojo Gunawan (Most aquarium cars in a restaurant)

    Helmuth Duckadam (First goalkeeper who saved four consecutive penalties in an official international competition)
    Andy Pelphrey (Smallest fish caught on rod and reel)

    GARY BROLSMA: (Most popular video ever / Numa Numa)

    Ilie Dobre: Most Successful Radio Sports Commentator

    Dr. Greg J. Marchand (Laparoscopic Ovarian Cancer Staging Surgery on the Largest Tumor)

    The Indian Orthopaedic Association (Most Free Orthopaedics Surgeries)

    Dr. Hyun Joon Shin (Most medical board certifications)

 Dr.Jae Hoon Chung
(Most Total Knee Replacements)

   Lieutenant Keon-su Lee (Most lost family members found)

    Ryan Moody (Highest Running Box Jump)
ViSalus (Largest Simultaneous Group Workout)

   ING Belgium (Longest distance made by employees in a stadium)

   Aniket Chindak (Longest Limbo Skating)

   Justin DeBree (Longest Stand Up Paddle board journey)
   Mauro Giaconia (Longest swim in a lagoon)

   Stone India (Highest Pantograph)

   Emirates Identity Authority (
Largest biometric database)

   Dr. Tom Marsik and Kristin Donaldson (Tightest Residential Building)


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          Largest mattress: Dolidol Maroc

    Longest playable stringed musical instrument: CapitaLand Singapore

 Most People Waving Hands Simultaneously: AG Insurance