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 Longest Limbo Skating-Aniket Chindak sets new world record

[April 30] BELGAUM, INDIA--Aniket Ramesh Chindak, the official world champion at skating under cars, has set a new world record for the longest limbo-skating by squeezing himself under a row of 82 Tata Sumo vehicles in in just 53.02 seconds.

   "The hardest part is to go fast enough before I bend down, because that's how you can skate under so many cars at once," said Aniket to The New Indian Express.
   (enlarge photo)

   Aniket Chindak broke his own previous official world record: he had earlier managed to travel under 57 cars in 45 seconds.

   On Sunday, in the very first attempt, he skated under 81 Tata Sumo vehicles in 53 seconds, breaking his own record.

   His coaches and parents decided to add one more vehicle to fulfil Aniket's wish to break his own record the same day.

   I could do this because of the blessings of my parents and guidance of my coach, he told the cheering crowd.

   According to his father, Ramesh, the skating marvel covers 60-miles twice a week in practice and sulks when he is told to wind up his practice session. Aniket has been roller skating since he was 18 months old, and keeps seeking new challenges.

   Unusually flexible, the boy skated with his legs split wide apart, his torso bent forward, parallel to the road, and chin almost skimming the road.

    Aniket was no more than eight inches above the ground when he vanished under the vehicles. A huge crowd was amazed to watch him disappear, passing smoothly under the vehicles.

   A celebrity in his home-town of Belgaum, Aniket has an extraordinary ability to perform limbo-skating, an adventurous stunt which needs courage and confidence. His family says he started roller skating from the age of 18 months and has since received many trophies and awards.

  Aniket trains four hours a day, and was skating 60 miles a week in pursuit of the new challenge. On several occasions, Aniket has skated successfully between Belgaum and Kolhapur (100 kms).
   He said he would participate in an international roller/limbo skating competition to be held in Russia this year.

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