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  Monday, November 23, 2009

  Largest collection of cow-related items-Denise Tubangui sets world record

 SAN JACINTO, CA, USA -- Denise Tubangui, 50, have 2,270 cow-related items in her collection-setting the world record for the Largest collection of cow-related items.

   Photo: The floor-to-ceiling shelves are loaded with cows. Flying cows hang from the ceiling. Cow-printed aprons sit next to cow-spotted brooms. A sign reads “Use Udder Door.”   (enlarge photo)

 She started the Largest collection of cow-related items in 1990 after a visit to her mother’s house. “There was a very cute cow hanging over the microwave in my mother’s house,” Tubangui said. Tubangui liked the ceramic cow so much, she eventually got her own.

   The Largest collection of cow-related items is displayed throughout the home: a shelf of collectibles in the living room, a case with the Cows on Parade line of figurines in the dining room, paintings of cows that Tubangui did on a wall in the garage. But there’s one room — the grand finale, Tubangui calls it — that’s officially the cow room.
   “They’re so special in different ways,” Tubangui said. That’s because much of the Largest collection of cow-related items came in the form of gifts. “My family, friends, loved ones, and clients did all of this,” Tubangui said.
 Tubangui’s favorite cow is a three-foot-high one her former neighbors and friends gave her. “They called me and said, ‘Look out front,’ and they had put a rope around the neck.”

    Tubangui wears cow jewelry and even has a tattoo of a calf. There’s also Dolly, a miniature pot-bellied pig. “She’s a love,” Tubangui said.

    Tubangui bought Dolly when she was just a pound; she now weighs 25. The seller had another pig, a pink one, but Tubangui liked Dolly’s black and white markings.

Items from real cows include a cow dung patty encased in black and white splotched paint so it doesn't smell, and a cow jawbone.

   Signs inside and outside and murals she painted in her garage have sayings like: "Happy cows come from San Jacinto" and "Welcome family, friends and udders."

Guinness World Records also named her the record holder for the largest collection of cows, citing the 2,261 cow-themed figurines, stuffed animals, weather vanes, posters, colanders, pillows, slip covers, mail boxes, bells, and Eiffel tower in her home. She’s since added nine more to her collection.

   Tubangui says she isn’t going to stop collecting cows until she dies.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

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