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  Wednesday, August 12, 2009
  Highest auction price for a doll-world record set by Marque

 ATLANTA, GA, USA -- A rare French doll made in Paris in 1915, designed by French artist Albert Marque, was sold at at Theriault's auction for $263,000-setting the new world record for the Highest auction price for a doll.

   Photo: A rare French doll, circa 1914, by sculptor Albert Marque establishes a new world record price of $263,000.00 at Theriault's auction (enlarge photo)

   At the huge international event held in Atlanta, Theriault's, the 40-year firm based in Annapolis, MD, offered over 1000 pieces amidst frantic bidding and numerous additional records.

   But, it was the doll by Albert Marque, dressed in its period clothing to honor the Ballets Russes of Paris, first introduced to international acclaim in 1909, which stole the show as bidders drove the price amidst gasps and cheers from the thousands of global attendees.

   The doll was designed by French artist Albert Marque, and is known in doll collecting circles simply as Marque. Only 100 examples of the doll were made, and each was costumed to particular specifications, representing persons of the Eighteenth Century French court or in traditional Russian folklore costumes.

    These were also the prevailing themes of the Ballets Russes of the era, and it is believed that Marque was influenced by, if not closely collaborating with, that group.

    The Marque doll sold at Theriault's auction, #21 of the series, was identified on his foot as "Danseur Russe #2," and costumed in Eighteenth Century style in silks and velvet. Offered from the private collection of Eredi Di Adriana Bracco of Milan, Italy, the doll sold for $263,000, setting the new world record for the Highest auction price for a doll.

  Bidding between two private collectors from Boston and California was sustained, pausing at times, then quickly moving forward again until it was finally won by the floor bidder to the applause of the hundreds of attendees at the sale.

  "In every collecting category there is that one piece, that one thing that every great collector dreams of owning," said Stuart Holbrook, president of Theriault's, the largest auction house in the world dealing exclusively in antique dolls.

   "For doll collectors, the Marque is the pinnacle. It has the allure, the value and the beauty that is very compelling. It's one of the most incredible creations ever made."

   Holbrook said there are only 20 to 30 known Marque dolls still in existence, many of them in museums.

The new world record for the Highest auction price for a doll shattered the previous record for a similar model sold in 2003 for $215,000.00.

 Founded in 1970, Theriault's is the largest auction house in the world dealing exclusively in antique dolls, toys, and teddy bears.    Conducting over 30 live auctions annually in 20 U.S. cities they cater to an international clientele of collectors for what is considered to be one of the top 5 most popular collectibles categories.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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