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  Sunday, September 20, 2009

  Largest collection of trolls-world record set by Sophie Marie Cross

 WALLINGFORD, UK -- Sophie Marie Cross, 13, has 570 different trolls dolls, which she has been collecting since 2003-setting the world record for the  Largest collection of trolls.

    Sophie Marie’s collection contains trolls ranging from a few centimetres in height to one which is two feet tall. She also has trolls that have eyes which light up, and one riding a skateboard.
   (enlarge photo)
   She said: “I think they’re quite cute. They’ve got a reputation as being ugly, but I quite like their faces. I’ve even got ones with light-up eyes.”

She caught the collecting bug when her brother Matthew got a small troll of his own.

    Her collection comes in all shapes and sizes, varying from a two foot tall specimen to a two centimetre model. Some also come in the form of necklaces, rings and pencil toppers.

   Collecting is a hobby that has become a tradition in the family. Her father collects lawnmowers and her granddad barn engines.

   "Sophie's just done it for the sheer fun" explains her father, David. "If she's got five pence in her purse to buy a troll she might. We don't put a value to them. "We do collect a lot of things as a family. Sophie's carrying on the tradition... it's a genetic thing!"

   "I'm not going to stop collecting!" Sophie admits, and she's recently added Doctor Who comics and toys to her collecting hobby.

  She said: “There are still dolls on the Internet that I want to collect and I don’t have all of them yet. I’ve also begun to collect Dr Who magazines and Beanie Babies.”

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

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