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  Largest winter footwear-world record set by Tsar-Valenok
 MOSCOW, Russia -- The ‘Tsar-Valenok’ , a giant two-metre-high, 300 kilos felt boot, made in Yaroslavl, an ancient Russian city some 250 km north-east of Moscow, sets the world record for the Largest winter footwear.

   Photo: The Largest winter footwear is large enough for a grown man to climb inside, and is equipped with a ladder to help him do so.
   (enlarge photo)    

 Anyone who goes along to Moscow’s ‘Russian Winter’ crafts festival can have a hand in decorating this new new world record creation.

   A giant lucky horseshoe has also accompanied the boot from Yaroslavl to the festival in Moscow. Craftsmen spent more than a month making the boot.

  When the event closes, the boot is expected to be given a permanent home in Moscow’s Russian Records museum.

   Valenki are making a comeback. Valenki are warm and comfortable. Made of sheep’s wool, these warm boots have been worn by generations of Russians. For centuries they shod the feet of peasants and tsars alike.

  Valenki are said to have healing qualities, through their warmth and natural material. The Russian Tsar Peter the Great wore them to get over hangovers and urged his subjects to do the same.

   In valenki, the Russian army stood its ground to victory over Hitler’s forces. Now this Russian classic is making a comeback in the world of fashion.

    Each one is handmade and unique.
    They cost between $US 100-150, but the price-tag hasn't reduced demand.

   The crafts festival opened on Revolution Square in the centre of Moscow on December 1 and will last until January 19. It includes free historic tours around the city centre and demonstrations of various handicrafts, as well as children’s shows, circus acts, bellringing and master classes by craftsmen.

   There will also be stalls where one can buy human-sized valenki, amongst other typically Russian souvenirs, including the famous ‘matryoshka’ dolls, from many different regions of Russia.

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   Sunday, December 14, 2008

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