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  Biggest hand written Bible-world record set by Sunil Joseph

[March 17] BHOPAL, India--Local Catholic Sunil Joseph transcribed the Bible by hand in just four months. His Bible weighs 61 kilograms (135 pounds) and is probably the quickest handwritten copy of the holy scriptures of the last few years.

   Mr Sunil Joseph, who is a public servant with India's central government, began transcribing the text on August 16, 2005, and finished on December 25.

 (enlarge photo)

   "I did it in 123 days," he said. "I wrote 7,957 verses by hand. It may be the biggest modern Bible in the world."

  Joseph's Bible has been on display in a local church. "Here, we can show it to everyone," said Fr Prabhu Das, the parish priest, who hopes the handwritten Bible would encourage people to read the sacred book.

   Sunil Joseph received congratulations from all over the world. Fr Babu Joseph, spokesman for the Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI), told AsiaNews that he, too, extended "his heartfelt congratulations to Sunil Joseph."

   "Copying the entire Bible in just four months is a praiseworthy deed," he noted. "Sunil deserves our appreciation and encouragement for his love for the Scriptures, which led him to accomplish this arduous task".

   "I hope," the CBCI spokesman said, "that he may realise other important goals and achieve success".

   # Entire New Testament had written with hand. It has 7957 verses. Each vers is written on one page.
   # Hand written New Testament. It is first ever hand written New Testament available so far.
   # Eight thousand rice papers are used in between the papers to protect them. Thus it completes Sixteen Thousand Pages, which make it only book of its kind.
   # It is first book (New Testament, NIV) is written on butter paper.
   # HEAVIEST: Total number of papers of the Bible (New Testament, NIV) having constitute to (61 Kgs.) Sixty-one Kilograms.
   # MIRROR IMAGE: The specialty of this book (New Testament, NIV) is that it can be read normally (as other books) and mirror can be used to read reverse order, makes it exclusive of its kind.

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