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  Tuesday, January 5, 2010

  Longest gum wrapper chain-world record set by Gary Duschl

 VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, USA -- Gary Duschl created a gum wrapper chain, measured at 61,988 feet (on Dec 11), using 1,462,066 gum wrappers and setting the world record for the Longest gum wrapper chain.

   Photo: Gary Duschl shows off his world's Longest gum wrapper chain in a room in his Virginia Beach home dedicated to this. (David B. Hollingsworth/The Virginian-Pilot
  (enlarge photo)

  Duschl, originally from Canada, adds links to the Longest gum wrapper chain while he's watching football, hockey or baseball on TV.

    Gum wrapper chains were popular with teenagers in the 1960s and Duschl said he was no exception. On March 11, 1965, at age 14, he decided to make a chain that would be the longest in his class.

    "Then my competitive nature kicked in," Duschl said. He decided to make the longest chain in the school and then the longest one in Waterdown, Ontario.

    After seeing lengthy wrapper chains on TV, he decided to make it the longest one in the world. He achieved his goal in 1995 and every March 11, Duschl has the chain measured by land surveyors.

   A gum wrapper chain is a paper chain of any length that is made of discarded wrappers from sticks of chewing gum. Each wrapper can be used to make two chain links.
    This method will create thin links that can easily slide over one another. It is possible to use an intact wrapper, but this creates a bulkier link.

    On his site, Duschl posts the lyrics to the song Chewing Gum Wrapper by Jonathan Richman. The song describes the joy of finding discarded chewing gum wrappers and taking them home.

    Gary Duschl already had made it onto the Guinness list of top 100 records for the decade and into the 2010 Guinness World Records.

    The previous Guinness world record for the Longest gum wrapper chain was set by Leo Franzen from West Union, Iowawith a 16,670 feet gum wrapper chain.

    He has received e-mails and visits to his Web site and his video posted on YouTube where he talk about the chain and teach others how to make one. "I try to encourage competition," Duschl said.

    Duschl says he doesn't much chew gum anymore. He has help with that and asks people to send him wrappers (only Wrigley's, please) from all over the world (Gary Duschl Box 65464, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, 23467).
    His new goal, he said, is for the Longest gum wrapper chain to grow to 26 miles. "It's the length of a marathon," Duschl said. He also said he expects more gum wrappers to arrive in the mail to add to the chain, which grows daily.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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