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  Wednesday, September 2, 2009

  Longest wooden chain-world record set by Markley Noel

  Hickory Corners, MI, USA -- Markley Noel has finished carving a 480 foot long wooden chain from a single plank of maple which contains 1993, 4 inch by 1 1/2 inch links, that are cut from a 25 foot by 2 foot plank of maple-setting the new world record for the Longest wooden chain.

   Photo: After nine years in the making, Markley Noel has finished carving a 480 foot long wooden chain from a single plank of maple at his shop in Hickory Corners.   (enlarge photo)

The continuous chain of interlocked wooden links was carved from a single slab of wood measuring 25 feet long, about 25 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick. The 1,993 links are 4 inches long by about 1.5 inches wide and about a half inch thick.

   He compared his Longest wooden chain to climbing Mount Everest or attempting some other major feat. "I think everybody has the need to really do something that's larger than they are," he said. Plus, Noel added, the project in part is an attempt to be recognized as an artist. "I want to be an eccentric artist for a while," he said.

   By carefully measuring and marking off about 15 rows -- or what he calls courses -- on the plank, Noel was able to sketch out alternating horizontal and vertical interlocking links. As he carefully carved out each link, he created an interlocking pattern.

    Noel said the links cannot be broken or glued back together or they would violate the rules.

   The retired builder started the project in October 2001 when he cut down a silver maple tree from his father's woodlot in Augusta. When he started the project, Noel carefully cut three slabs of wood from his father's tree. But he only used one of the slabs for his "Chain of Life."

  Because the slab had to dry for a year, Noel wasn't able to cut his first link from it until December 2002. During the previous year, he applied a green wood stabilizer to the slab to help minimize cracking as it dried.

   He said it took him about six weeks to carve the interlocking links from the top row of the plank, which was set up on its side in his wood shop. Each link took about an hour and a half to carve, using a variety of tools but mainly a rotary carving tool.

 "I found as I was working on it," he said, "if I didn't remain focused on it, I would kind of start to overcarve them or they'd get too small or have imperfections in them. "What I do is it's almost like yoga, and I try to think about nothing but what I'm doing right in front of me.

   "I used it almost like therapy. And then as it went on, it became an obsession."

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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