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    Fastest PC-world record set by Fi7EPOWER MLK1610
 Fremont, CA, USA -- The YOYOTech Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 uses the latest Intel® Core i7-965 Extreme Edition processor, running at 3.73GHz, the superlative X25-M 80GB SSD as a boot drive, 9GB Corsair DDR3 and the graphics card du jour, AMD’s 4870x2. It scored 130 points in the peak integer test-setting the world record for the Fastest PC.

   Photo:  The Fi7epower also breaks the record for the peak floating point rate test with a score of 88.3. The fact that the SPEC CPU2006 test takes no less than three days to complete also speaks volumes about the stability of this PC. (enlarge photo)

Before the Fi7epower came along, the fastest system on the planet was powered by an exotic eight-core UltraSPARC processor that scored 85.5 points in the peak integer rate test. The half-priced YoYotech blows it away with a phenomenal score of 130.

Premium package
   Along with the fabulous Core i7 processor, YoYotech has packed the Fi7epower MLK1610 with pretty much the finest components on the planet. Intel's peerless X25-M drive provides awesome storage performance. Meanwhile, AMD's awesome Radeon HD 4870 X2 handles the 3D rendering duties. But it's the attention to detail with quality peripherals like the modular Coolermaster PSU that really marks out a YoYotech PC.

 "Beating the world's fastest machines required memory modules with a special set of capabilities. YOYOTech selected Corsair as the memory partner for this record-breaking PC because of its legendary reputation for performance and reliability," said Charanjit Kohli, Managing Director of YOYOTech, UK Independent PC Retailer of the Year 2008.

  In order to complete SPEC's rigorous test suite, memory stability is equally as important as performance, and this was another decisive factor in YOYOTech's choice of Corsair® memory.
   "To pass SPEC's gruelling 3-day test, YOYOTech's engineers needed DDR3 memory that wouldn't buckle under the pressure. That's why we chose Corsair Dominator," added Kohli. "

   Corsair is itself accustomed to smashing world records," said Paul Watkins, Corsair Sr. Director of Marketing, Europe.
   "We're delighted and honoured that YOYOTech has recognised the performance and reliability of Corsair memory by selecting Corsair for its world-record breaking PC."

   Friday, November 21, 2008

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