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 Most lambs sheared-wold record set by Marg and Ingrid Baynes
 MANGAPEHI, New Zealand -- Marg Baynes and her 22-year-old daughter, Ingrid, sheared a combined total of 933 sheep-setting a new world record (in the the women's two-stand, eight-hour category) for the Most lambs sheared.

   Marg, 54, shore 433 animals while Ingrid, 22, notched up 470.

   Photo: Ingrid Baynes and mum Marg (enlarge photo)

  Ingrid's effort also secured her the world lamb record for a woman. Her previous best had been 315 lambs.

 "I've always enjoyed shearing and I've enjoyed having our children shearing with us. And I though tit would be nice to get a record with one of our children before I got too old," says Marg Baynes.

   And it was all go with eight hours shearing and only three breaks, and then it was back on.

  "Up until today I've been the master but now the pupil is the master," says Marg Baynes.

   Four judges, including one flown in from Australia, verified the record as official.
  "We are just looking for wool left on and skin cuts and trying to keep that to a minimum. So they have to shear to a certain standard," says Hugh McCarroll, referee.

   To keep spirits high music was key and so was the support of the crowd. Blokes watching on were impressed with the girls' efforts.

    The pair have spent a year preparing themselves, with running, swimming and gym work, along with plenty of shearing practice and the odd mishap.

   "I'm thrilled. It really hasn't hit home yet that we have done it," said Marg, who battled backache and nausea during the day. Ingrid said she was looking forward to her first beer in a long time.

   While there was no previous record, shearing experts say it is a punishing ordeal spending an entire day lifting and shearing lambs, with each animal weighing in at around 30kg.

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   Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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