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   Most henna tattoos in an hour-world record set by Pavandeep Ahluwalia-Hundal
 GOODMAYES, UK -- Pavandeep Ahluwalia-Hundal, 24, created 300 tattos at pupils from her old school, Goodmayes Primary School, in Airthrie Road-setting the world record for the Most henna tattoos in an hour.

   Photo: Henna artist Pavandeep Ahluwalia-Hundal works on Ayza Mahmood, aged nine, watched by David Goraj, also nine (enlarge photo)

 The previous record for the Most henna tattoos in an hour, of 214 tattoos in under an hour, was held by a primary school in Birmingham.

Exactly 150 pupils from years two to year six took part, as well as several members of staff.

  Headteacher Marjorie Lopez-Stewart said: "She exceeded expectations, She broke the record for the Most henna tattoos in an hour and created more than 300 tattoos."

  Pavan studied at the University of Westminster before setting up her own business creating henna tattoos for weddings and special occasions. She said: "I'm really pleased. I broke the record by 100 tattoos and in the henna industry it is a bonus if you are fast."

   Mrs Lopez-Stewart added: "The kids all really enjoyed it. I told them she was a former pupil and we wanted to help her plus our school has made it into the Book of Records.

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   Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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