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   Most lighted candles on a cake-world record set by the disciples of Mr. Chinmoy

 QUEENS, NEW YORK, US -- To celebrate the 77th birth anniversary of spiritual guru Sri Chinmoy, Ashrita Furman led an international team in lighting 48,523 candles simultaneously on a cake measuring 52 by 17 feet , setting the world record for the Most lighted candles on a cake.

  About 1,000 disciples of Mr. Chinmoy, the Queens-based spiritual leader who died last October at 76, had gathered to celebrate their guru’s birthday.

   The event was held on the asphalt driveway of the group’s outdoor meditation area, a former tennis court they call Aspiration-Ground, off 164th Street.

   The candles were lit in a space of just two minutes by a second team of 80 assistants with blow torches; admirers sang “Happy Birthday” as the candles were lit and enjoyed a piece of cake. 

    Ashrita Furman, who holds 85 Guinness World record, staged the event held in Queens suburb of New York: “Sri Chinmoy had such a giant heart. So we celebrate his birthday with a giant cake,” he said.

    Mr. Chinmoy died on Oct. 11, 2007, but his followers, including 200 who live near the guru’s former home in Briarwood, continue to base their lives on him and his teachings.

   Mr. Chinmoy’s death, they believe, allowed for the liberation of his soul. “We actually feel his presence very strongly,” Mr. Furman said. “Almost more than before.”

   Ashrita Furman had been waiting to attempt the new record after his previous world record for the Most lighted candles on a cake of 27,000 candles was upset by a Canadian team who lit 30,000 candles in Sep tember, 2006.

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   Saturday, October 4, 2008

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