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  Longest Ironing Marathon - world record set by Ben Walton

-- Ben Walton, from Andover, ironed 923 items in 60 hours, setting the new world record for the Longest Ironing Marathon.

   Photo: The owner of Ben's Dry Cleaners added: "This is the first part of my attempt to raise 25,000 towards buying an incubator. "I think that next I'll do the Three Peaks Challenge - with the ironing board of course."   (enlarge photo)

  "Apart from the fact that my back is killing me, it went really well," said the 32-year-old.

  Mr Walton, who owns the dry cleaning outlet at the Asda store when he attempted the record, had two official adjudicators with him at all times and had to iron the clothing to a good standard.

   He raised around 5,000 in sponsorship which will go towards buying an incubator at Winchester's Royal County Hospital.

   His six-month-old son, Zachary, was born 10 weeks premature at the hospital last December and weighed just 2lb 3oz.      

  Mr Walton was allowed a five-minute break every hour and could accumulate them into a maximum 30-minute break.   

  Canadian Suresh Joachim holds the earlier record for ironing up to 55 hours and five minutes in 2005.

  Monday, July 21, 2008
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