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  Saturday, October 17, 2009

  Tallest cat-world record set by Scarlett's Magic

  CORONA, Calif., USA -- Scarlett's Magic is a 18-month old F1 Savannah cat, measuring 43.43 centimetres (17.1 inches) from shoulder to toe, which sets the new world record holder for the tallest cat.

   Photo: Scarlett's Magic, the world's Tallest cat, with owner Kim Draper / Barcroft photo (enlarge photo)

   The 18-month old is also thought to be the longest, at a whopping 3.5ft from nose to the tip of her tail.

   Scarlett is an F1 Savannah, a breed created by crossing ordinary cats with African servals. Kim, who breeds the pets, added: "This is as close to a wild cat as you can get."

 "We are absolutely thrilled," says owner Kim Draper, a Savannah breeder who also owns the Californian-based, Savannah Cat Shoppe, with her husband Lee.

  The couple are registered as Savannah breeders, and they are owners of Bella Gattini, meaning "beautiful kittens," a registered cattery in Oklahoma.

   "The Savannah is the most intelligent, loving and beautiful animal companion a family could wish for."

   According to Mrs Draper, Savannahs are becoming increasingly popular in California due to their unique appearance and learning abilities. "They are active animals, they like to play, they like to be near their owners and family," says Kim.

   Lee and Kimberly Draper, of Rancho Cucamonga, have opened the Savannah Cat Shoppe at the Dos Lagos shopping center in Corona, a pet store specializing in second- to fifth-generation Savannah cats. They are a crossbreed of the African Serval and domesticated cats such as the Egyptian Mau and Bengal cat.

    In New York state, first- and second-generation Savannahs cannot be owned because of their wilder traits. Savannahs may be legally kept in California, according to the state department of Fish and Game.

   Cubs range from $5,000 to $50,000... but the record-breaking feline herself is not for sale.    

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

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