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  Saturday, October 17, 2009

  Tallest rose bush-world record set by Robert Bendel

 MORRISTOWN, NJ, USA -- Robert Bendel, 73, have grown a red rose brush measuring about 18 feet 6 inches- setting the new world record for the tallest self-supported rose bush.
   "My philosophy is that Mother Nature will take care of things," said Bendel, a Jefferson native who moved to Morristown 53 years ago after marrying his wife, Marilyn. Photo by Bob Karp / Daily Records (enlarge photo)

    "I don't give them anything special. I don't use any fertilizer." No pesticides, either. "I just planted it there and it kept growing and growing and growing."
   A representative of Great Swamp Greenhouses - where Bendel bought the bush 15 years ago - was on hand to certify the height of Bendel's rose bush.

   The previous Guinness world record for the tallest self-supported rose bush was held by a San Diego family whose rose bush measures 13 feet 3 inches tall.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

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