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  Friday, September 4, 2009

  Largest cabbage-world record set by Steve Hubacek   

  PALMER, Alaska, USA -- During the Alaska State Fair a cabbage brought in by Steve Hubacek of Wasilla tipped the scales at 125.9 pounds, its head measured about 21 inches across, and its leaves spanned about 5 feet-setting the new world record for the Largest cabbage.

   Photo: A cabbage brought in by Steve Hubacek of Wasilla tipped the scales at 125.9 pounds and set the new world record for the Largest cabbage. Photo courtesy Dean Phipps / Alaska State Fair
   (enlarge photo)

   Dean Phipps, marketing director for the fair, said: "I was there when they put it on," he said. "When they put it on everybody took a couple steps back and went like, 'Oh, my gosh.' They all had versions of that and then they started jumping up and down."

   The previous Guinness World record for the largest cabbage was set at 124 pounds in 1989 by a cabbage grown in Wales, UK. Prior to that, the cabbage record had stood for 124 years.

   So in the past 144 years, the cabbage record has only changed hands twice, said Kathy Liska, superintendent for giant vegetables at the Alaska State Fair.
    Its great for the Fair. The Fair has been based around the giant cabbage contest for many years, but our Fair has never had a world-record cabbage. Now, we just broke a record held for 20 years.

   Also this year, the Alaska State Fair saw two world record rutabagas, both submitted by Scott Robb of Palmer, she said. The first weighed more than 79 pounds and the second 82.9 pounds.

   Other noteworthy giants entered t included a 594-pound pumpkin from Dale Marshall of Anchorage; a 146.5-pound watermelon from Scott Robb; and a 17.855-pound giant puffball mushroom from Pia Cottini of Palmer.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

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