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  Largest organic cucumber-world record set by the Segee family
 LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Segee family in Leimert Park (daughters Jai'Neil, Dee'Anna, Jai'Lynn, mom Tiffany and dad Vernon) has cultivated a 28-pound cucumber-setting the world record for the Largest organic cucumber.
   Photo:The Segee family and their world record cucumber. /Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times
  (enlarge photo)

The family planted an albino cucumber plant given to them by a neighbor in October. They gave it no fertilizer, only water.

  Then they watched the vegetable grow while it hung from a vine on their gate. "The vines were like lily pads," Tiffany Segee says.

  This cucumber isn't even their largest. One harvested earlier in the season weighed in at 30 pounds.

   "We shared it with people," Tiffany Segee says. "There was just too much for us to eat."

   The Segees' recommendation: Enjoy it with lemon and seasoning salt.

Mom Tiffany and dad Vernon are content knowing that Dee'Anna, 10, and Jai'Neil and Jai'Lynn, both 5, are now interested in gardening.

   Saturday, February 21, 2009

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