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  Largest natural breasts-world record set by Norma Stitz
 ATLANTA, Georgia, USA -- Norma Stitz , 30, (born Annie Hawkins-Turner), a website entrepreneur and nude model, has a 67in bust (size 72ZZZ) which tip the scales at nearly 40 lbs-setting the world record for the Largest natural breasts.

   Photo: Norma revealed: “When I meet a man I want them to be interested in me - not just my babies here. "But most men can’t even talk - they just stare.”
  (enlarge photo)    

   Norma Stitz said: “When people ask me why I don’t just get a reduction I say 'Are you crazy?' I love my boobs and they are winning me a wonderful life. “I’ve had offers from TV stations all over the world wanting me to come on and show them off.”

  She attended Jackson State University and got a BSW (Bachelor of Social Work).

   Busty Norma revealed her title-winners on a popular late night TV show in Italy where she was crowned boob queen of the world.

   Norma Stitz said: "I was trained how to get about and how to walk down steps.
   "What I can say about Italian men is that they stare at me but they talk to me. American guys just stare but they don't ever talk to me."

  'Shy' Norma added: "I've only gone topless in public on the beach in Hawaii."
      Norma Stitz on Jenny Jones Show
       Norma Stitz italian tv world record boobs

  Link: Official site (adult content)

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   Thursday, May 14, 2009

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        Fastest Human Calculator-Alexis Lemaire

      Largest Breast Implants-Sheyla Hershey

               Most weight lost-Manuel Uribe        

            Longest dreadlocks-Asha Mandela

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