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    Strongest Ear-world record set by Lasha Pataraia

[Oct 29] TBILISI,Georgia--A Georgian man has earned himself a place in the Book of World Records by pulling a 7734 kilogram (17,015 pound) military helicopter using just his left ear.

     Lasha Pataraia set the world record by pulling a MI8 helicopter 26 metres and 30 centimetres (28.4 yards and 11.8 inches). The 27-year-old set the record on his third attempt.

    "I am very happy and satisfied," Mr Pataraia said.

     Encouraged by a crowd of his family, friends and supporters, attached a rope to his ear. The other end of the rope was tied to the front wheel of the helicopter.

    Followed by cheering crowd pulled it for about 20 seconds. Pataraia, a 27 year old former wrestling champion in Georgia set the record on his third try.    

   The chopper weighed a massive 1215 stones (7734 kilograms). The 27-year-old former Georgian wrestling champion set the record on his third try.

   He added that he hoped to break his own record in the near future: "I intend to double the weight and pull the helicopter with two ears. I hope to do that in one year's time."

             Strongest Ear Lasha Pataraia video    

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