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  Thursday, July 2, 2009

 Longest parade of electric vehicles-Bay Harbor sets world record
  BAY HARBOR,MI,USA --The Bay Harbor Foundation, with the help of Global Electric Motorcars (GEMs), had more than 200 electric vehicles drive in-line for two miles during the the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival-setting the world record for the Longest parade of electric vehicles.
   Photo: A 1920 Milburn Lite electric vehicle, owned by John McMullen of Lapeer, leads the line-up of Global Electric Motorcars (GEMs) before the Bay Harbor Foundation sets the world record for the longest parade of electric vehicles. Image by Christina Rohn/News-Review (enlarge photo)
   The Bay Harbor festival has themed this year’s event “Electric Atmosphere” to celebrate the benefits of green transportation in the Bay Harbor community.

GEM vehicles are sophisticated yet simple, says former GEM CEO and Bay Harbor resident Lawrence Oswald. They represent a new kind of personal transportation that expands the capacity to have fun.

As the nations first resort community to fully integrate the use of battery-electric vehicles, is a longtime advocate of environmentally sound transportation solutions.

   For Bay Harbor residents, making the switch to clean driving has been good for the environment and convenient – nearby dealership Fox Motors in Charlevoix has sold roughly two-thirds of all the electric cars in the community.

    Much more economical in price and fuel consumption than traditional automobiles, GEM cars drive the equivalent of 150 miles per gallon, or two cents per mile. To date, GEM cars have been driven over 300 million emission-free miles, saving over 15 million gallons of gas, and preventing over 180 tons of ozone-producing pollutants from reaching the air.

   “Bay Harbor is a wonderful example of a community embracing transportation solutions that are both green and smart,” says GEM President and COO Rick Kasper. “We’re thrilled to be participating in the Bay Harbor Foundation’s parade and hope it inspires others to adopt clean driving as a way of life.”

   Proceeds from the festival will help fund grants for local health and human service programs, as well as environmental, arts, and educational organizations in Northern Michigan.    

 Bay Harbor Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit organization established to provide a structure for receiving donations and distributing grants in northern, lower Michigan that provide programs in the arts, education, the environment and health and human services.

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   Thursday, July 2, 2009

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