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  Fastest Amphibious Channel Crossing-world record set by LMT Maritime
 LANGKAWI, Malaysia -- An amphibious waterfront powerboat "Sealegs" crossed the 32 nautical mile (60km) channel between Langkawi Island to Kuala Perlis (Malaysia) in 39 minutes and 11 seconds, setting the world record for the   Fastest Amphibious Channel Crossing.

   Photo: Land and sea use: Ibrahim (right) and McKee Wright riding the amphibious vessel into the Book of Records. Note the wheel at the front of the vehicle. It is put to use once the vessel touches land. (enlarge photo)

 The feat was accomplished by LMT Maritime Sdn Bhd managing director Ibrahim Ali Abdul Wahab and Sealegs Corporation chief executive officer David McKee Wright.

   "The channel crossing proves the capability of Sealegs both on water and off" , said Ibrahim.

   The is the first time an amphibious waterfront powerboat has crossed the 32 nautical mile (60km) channel between Kuah and Kuala Perlis.

    “We were travelling at a speed of between 40 and 50 knots,” McKee Wright said.

   Ibrahim said the attempt showed the amphibious vehicle's capability on and off water.

    He also expressed gratitude to the Fire and Rescue Department and a scuba team for escorting and ensuring their safety.

   “The Fire and Rescue Services is evaluating purchase of an amphibious vessel. Firemen could carry out their duties at sea and on land using such amphibious vessels,” he added.

    The "Sealegs" is the world's first Amphibious craft created and developed to ease out the hassle of boat launching and retrieval process.

    The "Sealegs" is not only designed for leisure but it was also ideal for rescue missions for water operations.
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   Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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