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  Tuesday, June 9, 2009

  Youngest coach of an Olympic women's marathon winner-world record set by Valeriu Tomescu

 BOULDER,Colo.,USA--Coach Valeriu Tomescu was only 32 yrs old when his athelte, Constantina Dita, has become the  Oldest Olympic women's marathon winner-setting the world record for the Youngest coach of an Olympic women's marathon winner.

    Coach Valeriu Tomescu says: "it took me about eight years to have an Olympic Gold medal in my “pocket,” along with five other medals in World Championships, and there probably are not too many coaches who can say that at the age of 32."

  Photo by Sport Expert Management (enlarge photo)

   About Olympic Gold medalist Constantina Dita: "Mentally, Constantina is a very strong athlete, but probably with more respect to her physical abilities, she already could have run below 2:20 a couple of times in London or Chicago.
    She really feared and didn’t trust a strategy of negative splits. Fortunately, she did try such a tactic at least once in her career, and we all saw that it paid off with the Olympic Gold medal in Beijing."

    Coach Valeriu Tomescu on the Beijing race:" So, finally after years and years of running, after about 30 marathons, Constantina finally runs a negative split marathon and she gets it right, a Gold medal in the Olympics against a field that only the London Marathon is able to put together.
    We are both extremely respectful of the huge names that were in that field…Catherine [Ndereba], Paula [Radcliffe], [Gete] Wami , the Japanese and Chinese women, and so on…and that’s why this medal is even more valuable in our memories.
On that day, we were able to be the best from the best field in the world."

   Training for a marathon
   Coach Valeriu Tomescu says: "As for a training method being perfect, I would say there is no such thing. There are too many other factors to run the perfect race to just [rely on one’s] training.     When I see books about the “secrets of marathoning” or “secrets of training,” I would say loud and clear: “THERE ARE NO SECRETS!” and apologize for disappointing some people.
    It is exercise physiology that will make a huge difference in an athlete’s training strategy and racing tactics.
    It will help to individualize the training and tailor it to your athlete’s capabilities."
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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