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  Longest downhill skiing in 24 hours- Balthasar Egger sets world record
  HEILIGENBLUT, Austria -- Balthasar Egger drove 103,458 elevator meters or approximately 374 kilometers on skis into 24 hours, setting the world record for the Longest downhill skiing in 24 hours.

   Photo: Balthasar Egger / Gro▀glockner mountain railways tourism GmbH (enlarge photo)

   Balthasar Egger pulverized the world record of Franz Venier from Tirol (92,245 elevator meters).
  Alpine skiing (or downhill skiing) is a recreational activity and sport involving sliding down snow-covered hills with long skis attached to each foot. Alpine skiing takes place at specially developed ski resorts where trees are cut, slopes are manipulated, snow is groomed and avalanches are controlled to facilitate the activity.

   The downhill is alpine skiing's showpiece event, and the one with the longest course and the highest speeds.

The world record was sponsored by Grossglockner Bergbahnen Touristik GmbH.

   Photo Gallery: 24 h Downhill world record   

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009  

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