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   Fastest Storage-world record set by Texas Memory Systems

[Feb 6]HOUSTON, TX,USA--Texas Memory Systems, Inc., producers of The World’s Fastest Storageâ, today announced that it has broken the world data storage performance record and the data storage price-performance record again.

    The new records were achieved using standard server and storage network hardware and the Texas Memory Systems RamSan-400 solid state disk (SSD) – a device used by IT departments to increase the speed of their enterprise applications in order to accommodate more transactions and users.
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   Based on audited results submitted to the vendor-neutral Storage Performance Council (SPC), the Texas Memory Systems RamSan-400 solid state disk delivered a record 291,208.58 SPC-1 IOPS™ (input/output requests per second) with a record average response time of just 0.86 milliseconds*. The RamSan-400 also established a new SPC-1 Price-Performance™ record by delivering that performance at just $0.67 per SPC-1 IOPS™.

     “Texas Memory Systems is to be congratulated for its use of the industry-standard SPC-1 benchmark to validate the world record performance and price-performance of the RamSan-400.” said Walter E. Baker, Administrator of the Storage Performance Council. “This outstanding SPC-1 Result further illustrates the applicability of SPC Benchmarks to measure and compare a wide range of storage products including innovative solid state storage systems such as the RamSan-400.”

    “This SPC Result demonstrates that when a firm needs better application performance, they cannot get faster storage or a lower cost per IOPS than they can with the RamSan solid state disk,” said Woody Hutsell, executive vice president at Texas Memory Systems. “Additionally, enterprises will no longer need to purchase and maintain surplus hard disk capacity just to get higher performance.”

   Texas Memory Systems’ used “white box” servers with 4GB of memory to operate the SPC-1 benchmarking application. QLogic® QLE2462 host bus adapters and SANbox™ 5600 fabric switches were the only SAN elements.

    CIOs in the financial, telecom, e-commerce, and online-gaming industries, as well as government, military, and research organizations, strategically use solid state disk to accelerate database-centric applications, such as those used for online transaction processing (OLTP), high definition video-editing, data warehousing, and rendering, because software applications running on solid state disks can accommodate more concurrent users and more simultaneous transactions.

*Details of the Texas Memory Systems RamSan-400 SPC-1 Results as of January 29, 2007 are available at: (1) and (2)

    RamSan-400 highlights:
   * The World's Fastest Storage™
   * First solid state disk with 4Gb Fibre Channel interfaces.
   * First solid state disk with 4x InfiniBand interfaces.
   * Over 400,000 random I/Os per second.
   * 3000 MB/s random sustained external throughput.
   * Full array of hardware redundancy to ensure availability.
   * IBM Chipkill technology protects against memory errors up to and including loss of an entire memory chip.
   * Exclusive Active Backup™ software constantly backs up data without any performance degradation. Other SSDs only begin to backup data once power is already lost.


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