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  Friday, November 6, 2009

  Longest saltwater dive-world record set by Robert Silva

 SAN PEDRO, Belize -- Robert Silva, 31, spent 48 hours and two minutes underwater at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve-setting the new world record for the Longest saltwater dive.

   Photo: For two days, Silva lived roughly a dozen feet underwater surrounded by coral reef, various sea creatures and occasionally curious tourists swimming by during recreational dives. (enlarge photo)

   He survived on a liquid diet of Gatorade mixed with extra protein and vitamins that was stored in a Camelback-type system, and spent a majority of his time doing the best he could to adapt to his aqua home.

The Longest saltwater dive was completed as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and as a personal goal for Silva, who has been a recreational scuba diver for a decade.

   “Some of my family have fought cancer, and many of my friends family members have fought it,” Silva said. “Many have won the fight, and with groups like the American Cancer Society, maybe someday no one will even have to take on the battle.”

  Silva, 31, broke the former Guinness World Record of 36˝ hours.

  Despite the comfort of warmer water, salt water is harsher on the gear and presents potential environmental challenges like tides and currents, he said.
   With the help of Ramon’s Dive Shop at the host resort and other sponsors including Scuba Emporium in Orland Park, Ocean Technology Systems in California and Reef Net in Canada, Silva was lowered below the surface on Sept. 14 without any problems.
   Silva kept busy by talking with his crew, completing crossword puzzles and Sudoku puzzles on specially laminated boards, and posing for pictures with other divers.
    He became a spectator in a foreign environment. Sea turtles, groups of octopus and manatees, and schools of fish swam freely around Silva after they realized he was not a threat, he explained.

   On the Net:

   Silva plans to attempt to break his record for the Longest saltwater dive next year by adding a day or two to the dive, he said. He plans to switch from a semi-dry suit to a dry suit, bringing a backup Camelback and using a valving system for the airline so he can breath off his old tank while a new one is hooked up.
    “If I get those things for another dive, I’m confident I can easily break the record for the Longest saltwater dive,” he said. 
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Friday, November 6, 2009

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