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    Monday, August 3, 2009

  Running the longest distance while on fire-Keith Malcolm sets world record
 HAMPSHIRE, UK--Amateur stuntman Keith Malcolm, 39, from Aberdeen, was doused in petrol before sprinting 259ft ablaze-setting the new world record for Running the longest distance while on fire.
   Photo: Keith Malcolm wore eight layers of protective clothing, including four layers of fireproof undergarments, a Formula One fireproof jacket and three overalls. / Solent News (enlarge photo)       

    He also wore three fire hoods and a helmet and coated himself in special protective “stunt gel” so he would not be harmed by the 1000c flames.

   He had a team of experts from Hampshire Fire and Rescue on hand for the event which was aimed at raising money for Cancer Research.

    Afterwards Mr Malcolm told: “It was absolutely awesome. I managed it in 17 seconds and was running flat-out. I really did not want to hang around.”

 The amateur stuntman from Waterlooville in Hampshire managed to beat the previous Guinness world record by 32 feet.

   Richard Curtis, Deputy Commissioner (Operations) for Hampshire, said: ‘We stood at the end with a first aid kit, oxygen and burns kit, waiting for him to run. The flames were put out before we found his face and carried out a primary survey to check he was okay.’

   Mr Malcolm, 39, asked for St John Ambulance to be present for the stunt at the Alton and North East Hampshire Agricultural Show.
Photo gallery: Keith Malcolm Breaks World Record  
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Monday, August 3, 2009

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