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  Saturday, July 25, 2009
  Fastest bicycle wheelie-world record set by Jake Drummond   

  OSHKOSH, WI, USA  -- Jake Drummond, a sophomore-to-be at Oshkosh West, has set the new world record for the fastest bicycle wheelie over 100 meters with a time of 15.21.
   Photo: Fifteen-year old Jake Drummond crosses over the 100 meter mark breaking the World Record for the fastest bicycle wheelie in his first attempt at 16.01 seconds for the fastest bicycle wheelie later breaking his own record at 15.21 seconds on Oshkosh West High School's outdoor track. Photo by Jeannette Merten/The Northwestern.(enlarge photo)

   “The wind is the biggest factor,” Drummond said. “I could’ve gotten in the 14s, for sure.” There was a cross wind which affected his balance, but in the end it didn’t matter.

   The record to beat was 16.68 seconds and Drummond had no problem beating that as he broke the record three times.

   After a failed first attempt, in which Drummond couldn’t keep the wheelie going, he broke the record with a time of 16.01. He later followed with times of 15.69 and 15.21.
   The record-setting day was about a year in the making. Drummond said he came up with the idea in school.

   “We were doing a school project and we were doing a news report,” Drummond said. “We looked through the Guinness world records book and some guy in Barbados did it and I thought I would try it for fun. I beat it by a lot.”

    Drummond has been on a bike without training wheels since he was three, and according to his parents, he rides all the time. In addition to riding wheelies, Drummond has jumps in his backyard, ramps, berms, you name it.

    “He has loved bicycles his whole life,” said Cathy Drummond, Jake’s mother. “It just made sense. When we happened to come across this fact he could ride this fast, it was easy.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009 

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