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   Highest Bicycle Ramp Jump-world record set by Timo Pritzel and Joscha Forstreuter
 BEIJING, China -- During a show of Chinese CCTV channel, Joscha Forstreuter and Timo Pritzel made each one a 5.20m (17.0603 feet) ramp jump-setting the world record for the Highest Bicycle Ramp Jump.    

  They started by 4.50m which wasn't a big deal. The next height of 5.00m looked way more impressive.
    It's a totally different to jump over a high-jump pole. It looks like one big wall.     Even if you know that it's not very dangerous to hit the pole as it just falls down you still don't want to hit it.
  Photo: Victor Strasse (enlarge photo)

Joscha Forstreuter:"Timo hit the pole at 5.00m, but then made it easily on his second attempt. Next height was 5.20m, the new record.
   From the top of the start ramp it looked so high, I was quite sure I wouldn't make it on my first try.
    But with hard pedalling down the 8m start ramp and extremely pulling on the launch-ramp I took the 5.20m without touching the pole."

   "Timo was next and he made it perfectly, too. Both of us had a new world record under the belt. We decided to stop at 5.20m and share the record. The TV-Crew was happy and we were even more stoked."

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   Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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