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   Longest toy train track-world record set by Thomas the Tank Engine
 TAMWORTH, UK -- A 1.8km train set, made of 10,530 pieces from the Thomas Track Master set, was build at Thomas Land at the Drayton Manor Theme Park-setting the world record for the Longest toy train track.
   Photo: Ethan Bryan, eight year old son of Drayton Manor general manager George Bryan, blows the whistle on the new world record, assisted by sister Anais-Lorren, local visitor Thomas Land (right) and the Fat Controller. (enlarge photo)

There are 48 spirals of track in total and the whole track takes up an area 3 meters wide by 50 meters long.

 The track took a team of six people two weeks to design and was built by the Royal British Legion Industries.

   The completed structure is long enough to surround the football pitch at Wembley five times.

   The train set is built in sections of five tier high spirals interspersed with popular Thomas destinations from the Island of Sodor.

  (enlarge photo)

  Drayton Manor, which recently became home to Europe’s only Thomas Land attraction, teamed up with toymakers Tomy and Hit Entertainment to try and break the world record.

   Tomy’s chief executive Robert Mann said the team wanted to design “the most magnificent train track in the world”.

   He said: “It was a challenge to build, but after a bit of huffing and puffing we have reached our destination and now have a fantastic 1.8km long train set. We are waiting with great anticipation for Guinness World Records to confirm we have broken the world record.”

   Drayton Manor’s managing director Colin Bryan said it was “an amazing occasion”.

   Fun facts
  The record breaking Thomas & Friends track was made up of the following elements:
   5,500 straight pieces of track
   3,125 curved pieces of track
   10 flat end turn out with switch track (mix of left and right)
   10 slope track curves
   50 girders (level 1, 2 and 3)
   20 bridges
   10 Harold at the Hangar
10 Sodor Mountain mines
   10 Cranky at the Docks
   20 stations
   15 Tidmouth sheds
   50 Signal posts
   1,700 customised supports
   Total of 10,530 pieces

   The previous world record for the Longest toy train track was 1,650.14 metres at Thomas Land in Japan.
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  Monday, December 29, 2008

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