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  Tuesday, October 20, 2009

  Biggest matchstick model-world record set by David Reynolds
 SWAYTHLING, Southampton, UK -- David Reynolds, 51, has spent 15 years (32,000 hours) and £5,000 creating the replica of the Brent Bravo oil rig in the North Sea, (where he used to work), named "Cathedrals of the Sea", using 4.75m matches-setting the new world record for the Biggest matchstick model.

   Photo: Mr Reynolds has spent 15 years creating the Biggest matchstick model / Photo SWNS

   (enlarge photo)

   The Biggest matchstick model has 4,075,000 million individual matchsticks, weighs one tonne and is 12ft tall and 21ft long.

   "It's nice after all these years to have all this recognition," he told the BBC News website.

   The previous Guinness world record for the Biggest matchstick model was a recreation of the Titanic using 3.5million.

   Mr Reynolds, who lives with his wife Julie, 49, in Southampton, described the remarkable model as a hobby which 'got out of hand'.

    Mr. Reynolds, who was medically retired in 1998, first started work on the replica of the Brent Bravo rig in the summer of 1994. The former engineer, who worked on temporary oil rigs in the 1980s, has recreated the platform, which he has dubbed the Cathedrals of the Sea, in painstaking detail.

   "As the saying goes, I think I just got a bit carried away, I didn't think it would be this big. "If anyone wants to beat it I wish them good luck, I know how long it takes."

   He spent between two and ten hours a day dabbling with the model - a total of 32,000 hours over the 15 year labour of love.

  Everything is built to the finest detail, including the accommodation block for the rig workers, the flotilla of ships moored to the rig, the platforms and towers.
    He gathered used matches from work colleagues but his main source was from a wholesaler, dramatically trimming the cost. David said: “If I had bought all those matches from the cornershop it would have cost me about £46,000. It actually cost me £1,600, which works out at about £100 a year.”

   The model became so big it had to be split into 14 different sections and housed in various rooms throughout his home.
   It was finally assembled into one piece at the Bursledon Brickworks Museum in Southampton in March this year.

   Mr Reynolds, who made the Biggest matchstick model in his spare time, said he was going to destroy it earlier this year because he had no where to put it. He then contacted the museum where it has been displayed in its complete form for the first time.

     The Biggest matchstick model is on display at Bursledon Industrial Brickworks Museum, Swanwick. Mr Reynolds says he has been contacted by museums in the US who have offered to buy it. 'I've had a few museums contact me to say they want to buy it and there's even been an offer from Hollywood.'

   Wife Julie, 49, is less effusive. 'I am absolutely sick to death at the sight of a matchstick but I think there is still more to come, unfortunately,' she said from their Southampton home. 'But at least I know where he is and what he's doing, so I'd rather have him there than down the pub.'

     Mr. Reynolds is currently working on a fleet of historic ships - all made out of matchsticks.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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