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     Wednesday, July 1, 2009

  Greatest Distance on Motorcycle in 24 Hours: world record set by Omar Al Mamari

   MUSCAT, Sultanate of Oman -- Omar Al Mamari, 36, drove on his Honda CBR 1100 bike from the Oman Automobile Association premises in Muscat to the city of Salalah which is 1031 kms south (640.634 miles) and returned back the same way averaging a speed of 94.1 km and covering a total of 2062 kms ( 1281.267 Miles) in 24 hours-setting the world record for the Greatest Distance on Motorcycle in 24 Hours (individual).

   Photo: Al Mamari, an IT Administrator by profession aged 36 also is the founder President of the Oman Bikes Club. (enlarge photo)   
   His experience in Biking spans across 18 years and he has achieved a special place among the biking community in Oman.

   Al Mamari says: "I would like to dedicate this achievement to our Nation and to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said who is the inspiration behind my record attempt."

He has accomplished the feat in the most grueling desert summer time by completing 2062 kilometers travelling on national highway to Salalah from Muscat at temperatures ranging from 42 to 48 degrees.

     The previous world record for the Greatest Distance on Motorcycle in 24 hours was set by Eduardo Vergara Schaffner (Uraguay) who covered 1,508.89 km (937.58 miles) by motorcycle in a 24 hour period from 2-3 November 2002,in Colonia, Uraguay.

    The road to Salalah is almost a deserted highway but with a lot of potholes and patches to be maneuvered.

   It took just 2 hours to reach Adam which was the first stop 223 kms away, the next stopping point was Hyma which is 541 kms midway between the cities Muscat and Salalah. A couple of more stops were made at the small townships of Al Ghftayn and the hilly Thumrayt before reaching the picturesque city of Salalah.

   All along the way in almost all the Al-Maha petrol stations, the people cheered him and wished him the best. There were in total 9 stops which add upto 126 minutes of break, each one around15 minutes duration and was made primarily for filling petrol.

   It took exactly 11 Hours and Forty minutes for Al Mamari to reach Salalah, and soon after a quick fill and refreshment, started the drive back to Muscat .

    Al Mamari:"At this juncture I wish to thank the Oman Automobile Association, 2nd avenue, Arabian industry Co., Al Maha Petroleum and the media who have made this record attempt possible.
    I also wish to thank my friend Santosh and all other friends who have been supporting me throughout this period without whom I could not have done this feat. Last but not the least; I would like to thank my wife for her continued support and understanding."

   Al Mamari recollects the drive back was much better although tiring because it was during the night with relief from the scorching sun.

    Stopping all the same places on the way back too, Al Mamari reached Muscat at 11 a.m. thus completing 24 Hours of continuous driving.   

 A log book was maintained with time and duration of the stops which were made at the Al Maha filling stations throughout the journey. Signatures of officials at the Oman Automobile Association were taken and the Odometer readings were captured on the camera.

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   Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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