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 Longest Journey by Skateboard-world record set by Rob Thomson

  Christchurch, New Zealand -- 28-year-old Rob Thomson has come home after a 2-year journey and 12,159 km on his skateboard-setting the world record for the  Longest Journey by Skateboard.

  By the time he arrived at his parents' Halswell home he had worn out three pairs of shoes, three sets of wheels, three skateboard decks and had endured three crashes over the 12,159km expedition.

   Photo: Dean Kozanic / The Press    (enlarge photo)

   He spent $15,000 during the 850-day trip, but returned with only a $1000 debt that he planned to pay off by writing a book about his adventures.

  The Canterbury University graduate was working in Japan as a co-ordinator for international relations when his contract was up for renewal.

   Instead of renewing it, he decided to take a "long detour home" and cycle from Japan to England.

   Somewhere near Switzerland, the man who was "definitely not a skateboarder", ditched his two-wheeler in favour of four wheels. "I only planned to trial skating 1500km from Switzerland to England to see if it was an efficient way to travel," he said.

   In northern Florida in 2007, he spent New Year's Eve with bikers. "Think of the biggest rednecks you can imagine and it was these guys, but they were so nice.

   "We spent the night around a bonfire, one of their neighbours played the fiddle and they were shooting each other with Roman Candle fireworks. It was amazing."

  Thomson proclaimed the United States and Uzbekistan as the most hospitable nations.

   "They are in such contrast to each other politically and religiously, but it shows the humanity of people no matter what their background is. They both had such a spirit of generosity."

  Thomson was looking forward to someone breaking his record. "It's not something that requires much skill, just a lot of time and a bit of determination."

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   Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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