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  Longest tenpin bowling marathon- world record set by Stephen Shanabrook

  Tuesday, September 22, 2009
  Longest game of tenpin bowls-world record set by Stuart Ridley  
  LOWER HUTT, New Zealand -- Stuart Ridley, 32, bowled for 122 hour straight at Strike Entertainment Centre to beat the old record by two hours and set the new world record for the Longest continuous game of tenpin bowls.

   Photo: Manager Dion Leslie says he is now on top of the world. He says the adrenalin is pumping and he feels better than when he started bowling on Sunday evening. Photo:
CRAIG SIMCOX/The Dominion Post
   (enlarge photo)

The only rest time allowed by the man was a 10 minute break every two hours and four 20 minute power naps. He has to submit to drug tests at the start and finish of the marathon.

   Ridley (aka "Tattoo Stu", as he calls himself) set a new record of 122 hours, beating the previous Guinness world record by two hours, at the Strike Entertainment Centre in Lower Hutt.

   Strike manager Dion Leslie said Ridley had completed 596 games and delivered 11,920 balls. "He's lifted 59.46 tonnes."

    Since he started his record attempt, Mr Ridley has faced problems such as severely swollen ankles and weird food cravings.

  The idea began when Mr Ridley, a casual bowler, heard that the last Kiwi to attempt the record had stumbled early on. "He only did 33 hours and then he started to hallucinate."

   A self-described insomniac, Mr Ridley was confident he could last the distance. "I won't stop unless I collapse." He learned how to survive on snatches of sleep when he worked early hours as a pastry chef. "If I wanted to see my mates, I had to stay awake."

   Mr Ridley trained for his record attempt for the Longest continuous game of tenpin bowls by bowling for up to 16 hours at a time. During his training sessions, he suffered from chapped lips from the centre's air conditioning system and sore feet and calf muscles.

   He would probably commemorate the event by getting another dragon tattoo, which would "have to be holding a bowling ball". It would be his 37th tattoo and there is a space on his right arm for it. "I've used this arm the whole time," he said, lifting it triumphantly.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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