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     Monday, February 13, 2012

  Oldest tub of lard: 64-year-old tub of lard sets world record (HD Video)

ROSTOK, Germany--Retired chemist Hans Feldmeier, 87, was given a tin of American lard 64 years ago in an aid package sent to war ravaged Germany from the States and he decided to set it aside for an emergency; recently he took it to authorities who pronounced it very much fit for consumption - if a little tasteless , setting the world record for the Oldest tub of lard, according to World Record Academy:

oldest tub of lard Hans Feldmeier
  Photo: Hans Feldmeier presents his tub of Swift's Bland Lard - The World's Oldest Tub of Lard. Photo: AFP/DPA/File, Bernd Wuestneck  (enlarge photo)

  The Guinness world record for the largest food drive by a non-charitable organization in 24 hours was set by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Food Drive who collected 254,493 kg (559,885 lb) of food in Durham, North Carolina, USA

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most pet food donated in seven days; it weighed 5,901.8 kg (13,011 lb 3 oz) and was collected between 1-7 September 2006 at the Pick 'n' Pay Supermarket in Boksburg, South Africa, before being donated to the Boksburg SPCA.

  The lard had been part of a CARE Package sent from the United States, one of more than 100 million that the humanitarian organization sent to provided much-needed aid for war-torn Europe.
  Germany alone received more than 10 million CARE Packages.

  Hans Feldmeier, 87, of Rostock, was given the tin of American lard 64 years ago in an aid package sent to war ravaged Germany from the States and he decided to set it aside for an emergency.

  The retired pharmacist then opted to get the lard tested by food safety experts due to the debate over expiry dates and decided to tuck in after it was given the all clear.
  Frerk Feldhusen, a food expert, said that the lard would be tasteless and hard to dissolve, but essentially ok to eat.
   "Gritty consistency, difficult to dissolve and looked a bit old. All in all, given its level of freshness and its material composition, the product is assessed as satisfactory," he told the AFP

 "I just didn't want to throw it away," said Hans Feldmeier, 87. Mr Feldmeier was a student in 1948 when the US was running a huge aid programme to rebuild war-ravaged Germany.

  He kept the tin of lard for emergencies

  The tin of Swift's Bland Lard didn't have an expiry date and Mr Feldhusen said he hopes the story makes people think about throwing food away simply because the date on the label says it has expired.

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 Monday, February 13, 2012

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