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    Thursday, July 18, 2013

Largest Dessert Party: Friendly's Ice Cream breaks Guinness world record

WILBRAHAM, MA, USA -- Today, in honor of Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC, 78th birthday and July being National Ice Cream Month, the Wilbraham-based company hosted an event in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Ice Cream Dessert Party"; 794 people attended the invite-only event at the company's Boston Road offices,
setting the new world record for the Largest Dessert Party, according to the World Record Academy: dessert party world record set by Friendly's Ice Cream

  Photo: Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC, today announced it has set the new world record for the Largest Dessert Party. (enlarge photo)

  The previous Guinness world record for the largest dessert party was set by 740 people, organized by Physicians Mutual (USA), in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, on 3 August 2012. The desserts were made by Treat America Food Services (USA) and included lemon meringue tartlets, Cookies, Éclairs and dipped strawberries.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest dessert party in multiple venues; it involved 6,997 participants and was organized by Tanger Outlets (USA) and took place simultaneously at 34 venues in 22 states across the USA on 12 May 2011. Cookies, cupcakes, cream cakes, brownies and red velvet cake were among the desserts served at the 34 venues.

   Consisting of 794 people sitting at banquet-style tables under a tented green space at Friendly's Headquarters in Wilbraham, MA, the gathering had the iconic look and feel of an ice cream social that was reminiscent of the days when Friendly's began crafting and serving ice cream at the height of the Great Depression.

  To break the Guinness World record, they needed at least 741 people had to eat at least one scoop of ice cream in a 15 minute period. Also, at least three different flavor options had to be available.

   During the attempt, guests enjoyed three varieties of Friendly's sundae cups while attending the event for a fifteen minute period, including: the Original Fudge Sundae (vanilla ice cream, topped with fudge, whipped topping and chocolate chips); the Ice Cream Cake Sundae (vanilla ice cream, layered with chocolaty crunchies, chocolate ice cream, whipped topping and confetti); and, the Caramel Cream Sundae (vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel, whipped topping and chocolate chips).

   Guests attending the event were dressed in t-shirts boasting Friendly's signature bright red color, featuring white lettering noting the words "We Did It," as well as old-fashioned soda-fountain-style paper hats.

   "78 years ago, the Friendly's brand was built by serving delicious, high quality ice cream, and what we did here today with GUINNESS is a direct reflection of where the company came from," said Friendl's President and CEO, John Maguire.

 " I'm extremely proud of the fact that we created the World's Largest Dessert Party using Friendly's ice cream."

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